V&G's Coffee House

Sip, savour, awaken your soul.

Crafted Perfection: Artisanal Quality in Every Detail

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Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with

Each bean is handpicked and expertly roasted to create the perfect cup of coffee, designed to bring a moment of bliss with every sip. Our meticulous brewing process ensures a consistently exquisite taste, making your coffee experience truly unparalleled. Every time you choose our beans, you’re choosing a crafted beverage that promises quality and satisfaction. Taste the dedication in each cup.

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Your Cosy Corner

V&G’s Coffee House is more than just a place for coffee—it’s vibrant decorative colours, comfortable seating, friendly staff and relaxing music, allow you to step out of real time for a while.  Join us to unwind and experience the essence of more than a sip; it’s a journey that enriches your day.

Discover a unique blend of flavours, connections, and creativity that makes V&G’s a haven for your soul. With each visit, immerse yourself in the warmth and aroma that create moments worth savouring. It’s not just a coffee house; it’s a sanctuary for the senses.

VG Coffee House Entrance

V&G's Coffee House


Cafe Americano

Espresso shots topped with hot water


Dark espresso lies in wait under milk foam


Signature Espresso Roast with rich flavor

Caramel Macchiato

Freshly steamed milk with vanilla-flavored syrup

Caffe Mocha

Full-bodied espresso combined with mocha


V&G's Coffee House
Simple Business Centre
14 Carmyle Ave, Glasgow G32 8HJ

0791 792 2084

    our mission

    Our mission at V&G’s is to craft more than coffee—we blend community spirit, warmth, excellent food and coffee into every plate and cup. Each experience and visit are a moment of awakening. Join us in this journey where every encounter is a celebration, and every coffee break is a step towards nourishing your soul.